Commercial Vastu : Shops, Factories
Service complete package
Service complete package
Service complete package

Learn how to structure your Commercial Building for utmost gains

    Vastu Shastra helps in designing the layout and constructions of buildings, office spaces, schools etc., making it a congenial place or setting to work. It uses scientific techniques, keeping in mind the laws of nature, elements in our universe and energy fields to ensure enhancement in health, wealth, prosperity, success and happiness. Vastu analysis can help improve life and remedy things that cause problems. This Vastu Analysis of Shop or Small Office by Acharya Akhilesh ji will include an
  • Analysis of the floor plan
  • Process-based analysis of the problems faced and targets to achieve
  • Suggestion for Remedies without demolition
  • Suggestions about relocation of activities
  • Suggestions regarding colours, paintings, and decor

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